Nazar Semikoz and Bogdan Antipenko

A fulltime job in Ukraine will take away their time that could be spent in Bible study, preparing lessons, and doing events to grow the youth in their congregations. Paul worked as a tent maker in the beginning of his ministry, but even he mentioned that when Timothy and Silas arrived, he was able to devote himself fully. They brought the money for Paul to no longer need to make tents to support himself. In the same way, a minister can work in the secular field, but their ministry will not be as efficient if they must split their time. Fortunately for those that support ministers in Ukraine, the cost of living is so low that their expenses are not very high. This allows for a few supporters to be able to greatly reduce the financial burden of ministers and either lessen the amount of secular work they have to do, or remove it completely.

The youth is a place that should never be neglected. Even though parents are divinely responsible for teaching their children about God and helping build their faith, many youth do not get fed like they are supposed to or are in non-Christian families. The youth are the future of the church, and if they are no focused on, they will fall away and the church will suffer. We cannot neglect the youth as they are souls that will one day make the decision to follow God or leave Him. So this last portion of this update, I would like to mentions two brothers that are youth ministers in Ukraine. They need some help with funding, and a little can go a long way. Their names are Nazar Semikoz and Bodgan Antipenko.

They are young graduates from Bear Valley Ukraine that largely inspired my survey trip. They may be young, but they are knowledgeable and have passion to serve God. They do not require much to live on. I got this budget from Nazar when I told him I might be able to find some help for them. Below I have what they sent me. Nazar also has made me a packet to give to people so they might consider helping him out.

Food Expenses$220/mo.
Rent +(utilities: water,heating…)$200/mo.
Tariff plan (a phone)$6.6/mo.
Household chemicals, supplies. personal hygiene.$43/mo.
Medical insurance$40/mo.

If you know of anyone interested, please contact me at my email at

Any amount would help their financial burden and help them focus more on the ministry. They have gone through two years of intensive preaching school and they want to serve the Lord.